Viral Inu (VINU)
Welcome to Viral Inu, the community-driven token.
Viral Inu (VINU) is the first meme coin that is truly community-driven, the genesis token of the Viraverse. We do this by putting the power in the hands of the people. 2021 has shown us that people value memes, and memes are powerful. What can be perceived as a total joke by some may be valued way more by others. It all comes down to Maslow's Hierarchy of Needs. Once we fulfill all of the first four necessities, we move on to self-actualizations. And sometimes, the order of necessities does not depend on the other. For example, someone may value self-actualization and creativity over belongingness. Nonetheless, this model helps present the value that we can give memes.
Viral Inu is not just a regular meme coin. Sure, the name gives meme vibes and helps raise awareness. However, the token comes with a lot of possibilities and utilities. Our team is fully dedicated to building something special. We feature a never-before-seen protocol in the token world, the viral protocol from Viraverse. You can expect constant updates and new ventures associated with Viral Inu.
VINU is currently on the Solana network. However, we plan to make this token multi-network, specifically, adding support on Binance Smart Chain and Ethereum. One of Viral Inu's main goals is bringing awareness to the revolutionary Solana network. But we know eventually, we must add support to other networks.
The team comprises people from different technical backgrounds, from expert developers, marketers, and finance majors to economic masters. We've explored every use-case and possible future for this project to ensure its success and the community's trust and value in it.
VINU is just the first project involving a family of projects the team has coming soon. We are using VINU to test the markets and tweak our future use cases. For that reason, we will incentivize users for staking and holding VINU, as doing so will give you exclusive and early access to what's to come.
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